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HUIYUAN extruders are all specially designed for the corrugated pipe production.

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Specification of Extruder Barrels: 

OD: 35mm, 45mm, 55mm are stock available, other size of barrels shall be available by pre-booking. 

L/D:  25:1 This is especially designed for the pipe extruding production. 

Material:  High Quality Alloy Steel;  38CrMoALA or SS316 are all available.   Heat processed and Nitridation. Surface Hardness: >900. 

Surface Roughness: Ra 0.4










All HUIYUAN heaters are made of casted aluminum which has the features as follow:

1.  Long lasting working life and good warm keep performance. 

2.  Higher mechanical strength 

3.  Good corrossion resistance and magnatic field resistance. 

4.  Specially designed structure may save 30% power. 

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